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Dr Rachel 

  • Graduated from Sydney University with 1st class honours & the University Medal
  • General dental practitioner
  • Involved in research into gum disease
  • Experienced in relaxation techniques
  • Registered practitioner of Chakrapuncture

I have always been motivated by a passion for my work and a desire to help people. It was there in my university days, when I received the University Medal for my high levels of achievement, and it remains to this day. I spent a bit of time doing research into the causes of periodontal disease but went back to private practice because I loved being in the clinic with people. I have always believed it is important to make our environment comfortable, safe and pain free for our patients and this is why I decided to look into various relaxation techniques. Over the years I have studied facial release massage and esoteric massage and I'm a registered practitioner of Chakrapuncture.

Modern dentistry is truly amazing. I have the joy of working with highly skilled colleagues who provide implants and complex crown and bridgework. While we can solve many problems with the amazing advances in dental technology it is important to address the choices that led to the problem in the first place. My approach is simple: I carry out fillings, root canal treatments, crowns and gum treatment with my patients, then, I ask why are these treatments needed? For example, if you are getting tooth decay is it because there is too much sugar in your diet? Is it possible your diet is not providing enough calcium to strengthen your teeth? I have studied nutrition and know that the health of the mouth is an essential part of having a healthy body. The way we care for our mouth reflects how willing we are to care for ourselves. When our diet, sleep patterns and hygiene are out of balance the state of our teeth and gums is affected.